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Changeling Venue Style sheet

Here's my Venue Style sheet, which outlines the kind of game I'm intending to run.

Camarilla Venue Style Sheet Format
Part 1: Basic Information
Domain Name: Dire Epiphany
Domain Number: CN-D08

Venue: Changeling

Lead Venue Storyteller: David Fox

Storyteller Contact: David Fox,

Games Hosted On: 2nd/3rd Sunday of every month

Part 2: Styles of Play
Intrigue (politics and negotiation): 4
Action (combat and challenges): 3
Mystery (enigmas and investigation): 4
Drama (ceremony and characterization): 4
Darkness (probability of character death or corruption): 3

Part 3: Description of Venue
Themes/Mood: The current theme of the game is that of Mystery and
exploration. The “new Toronto” is quite a bit different than before. New places, new pockets of the dreaming, things lost and not found. The cities landscape is different to the kithain of Toronto. Balance will also be a heavy factor. Changelings live dual lives. You can't really go out questing if you've got a 9am shift at Starbucks on monday. In the midst of this renaissance in Toronto characters will have to find ways of making there normal life work in balance with their fae life, before either side consumes them.

Style: Everybody's got a story. In this LARP that is no different. You as the player put on a persona and act them out. You as a player have built a character who has a story. The game is all about the characters and your actions will either help or hinder your character. My job as a storyteller is to weave your story and the stories of the rest of the cast, as well as I can, into a large story that we can all participate in. I'll make this clear, I'm not running a mechanics heavy game. I tend to look at the game as a sort of private play, with myself and the cast as the sole audience. I encourage players to improve their characters stories, and if they need help, i'm always available to steer them in the right (and sometimes wrong direction). I'm always open to advice, concerns, and comments, from the cast just remember one thing, things IC aren't always what they seem.

Antagonists: You are your own worst enemy. Inner conflict is essential for growth, everyone can and will sabotage themselves for some reason. That being said, there are all sorts of things that exist to hinder or “help” the player cast. There is conflict between the kiths, “nobles” vs “commoners”, and most importantly between individuals and the self. Throw into the mix that you are
now oversaturated in glamour, which leads to the madless called bedlam, should you neglect your human side. The flip side is that maybe you don't really want to be a knight anymore. Maybe you just want to be normal again?

Entry Requirements: If you are really new to gaming read the Domain FAQ which can be found on the Dire Epiphany Domain website. If you are new to Changeling read the What is Changeling? write up in the FAQ section of this site for an explanation and ask for a copy of the Changeling Intro Kit from the storyteller. Before creating a character, be sure to read the Character Creation Guidelines in the Player Resources section of this site. The game is open to all Camarilla members and has a tentative limit of 30 players.
If you are interested in playing, please contact the storyteller in advance to arrange a time to discuss your new character. Out of courtesy to the storyteller, do not show up right before game with a brand new character and expect to play right away. The storyteller really likes to dedicate some time to carefully go over all new character concepts, and is usually very busy the few hours leading up to a game. If you are planning on playing a new character
give some advance warning to the storyteller so it can be worked into his schedule and give your character some of their personal attention to help you get the most out of the game.

Character restrictions: Please refer to the standard character creation guidelines out of the Shining Host and the Camarilla Version 6.0 Rules Supplement (available to all members) and the Character Creation Guidelines in the Player Resources section of this site. The Storyteller reserve the right to send you 'back to the drawing board' if you're character concept does not fit in well with the style of game I'm are trying to run. But to be fair i'll tell you what doesn't mesh and give you some suggestions/alternatives on what else
you could play. I will try to be accommodating to a variety of concepts, but there are some things that are just too wild and outlandish. The best bet is to ask first.
If you've never played Changeling before or you're new to LARP, I'd strongly recommend you create a character that has just gone through Chrysalis. Since the game has been running for over two years and has an existing continuity, all new characters should be either a) very recently Chrysalised or b) from outside of the region. Outsider characters should not have been fae for more than 5 years. The kiths we would like to see most are: Boggans, Eshu , Nockers,
Pooka, Redcaps, Satyrs, Sluagh, Piskies and Trolls, as they require only LowApproval. We are also allowing Kinain concepts for any of those kiths. Ask me what the current population is and we can tell you which Kiths are currently underrepresented, and they currently cap out at 4 characters per kith. It is possible to play: Clurichaun, and Ghille Dhu, but they require Mid Approval and a good concept. Sidhe character concepts are currently restricted. Innanimae,
Nunnehei and Thallain are not available to PCs at this time. In regards to age try to keep your characters between the ages of 14 and 30. Your fae seeming age should not be more than 5 years different from your mortal one. The current focus of the game is on "Commoners", so there is less focus on "Noble" courtly politics - but that doesn't mean there isn't any politicking going on! Characters cannot start with Title and non-Sidhe cannot start with a
House unless they swear fealty to a Noble 'patron' that is already in the game continuity. House membership can otherwise be earned in game. Characters cannot start with the Trod or Freehold backgrounds without sufficient reason. Any ability "lores" are of limited use at the moment, so talk to the Storyteller before spending points on them
As it stands, we would like to see more people playing standard Archetypal Changelings, but that doesn't mean you can't be creative. Also, we would like to see fully fleshed out characters - you're not just Fae, you have a human life too, please take that into consideration. Take a look at the "Character Background Questionnaire" in the Player Resources section of this site, for
ideas, and get extra XP for filling one out.

Proxy rules: Toronto is my city (chimerically), and plays by my rules. The player cast aren't the only things here. I'd like to assume that if someone is sending me a Camarilla sanctioned character that it won't be completely ridiculous, however I will go over everything with a fine toothed comb just to be sure. Contact me, and tell me what you have in mind and why, and I'll try
and work things out. Keep in mind that this county is ruled by commoners, who may not take kindly to being bossed around by some foreign sidhe with sovereign.

Visiting character/plot policy: See proxy rules. No cross-venue player characters, and very little cross-venue plot. If you are planning on visiting and playing in our game i'd like a minimum of one week notice and an advance copy of your character sheet.

Travel risks: Low. Entry into Toronto though mundane means is quite easy. There are no “known” trods in toronto as up until recently the endless trod had them.

Venue House Rules: See Domain House Rules on the Domain Website. We use "Jester's Rules" which is in the Player Resources section of this site for bunks for Cantrip casting. Any other rules changes or clarifications will also be found in the Player Resources section.
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