Fox (the_shard) wrote in glorious_summer,

Game Announcement March 2006

Hey everyone,

This month's changeling game has been moved to the 19th of March, and the Mage game is now on the 25th of March.

We are confirmed at Hart House.

Onto the good stuff:

The last changeling game left our intrepid cast stranded in Pirate land, which is where we'll pick up. New players are very much encouraged to contact me, and so I can work you into the cast's stories.

There are a few people I have downtimes to run with, we can do that in the afternoon before the game, or we can meet sometime before the game day.

Check the changeling IC list for teasers leading up to the game (here as well), watch out for those fae dreams the cast will be getting as well, and email me with your Questions and comments as usual.

Once Again I'd like to thank Josh, and Chris for running last months game in my absence,

STAY Tuned!
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